Bright | Dog | Red

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A unique improvisational collective from up above NYC (Albany to be exact), Bright Dog Red is a confounding blend of genres. Drummer and Composer Joe Pignato, inspired by his teacher, Yusef Lateef, assembled his students for fully improvised live sessions fusing Jazz, Electronica, Hip-Hop, and Psychedelia. The core band is MC Cully, Cody Davies, Jarritt Sheel, Mike LaBombard, and Anthony Berman, and their first full length recording - Means To The Ends -  is set for release on October 5th. 

It’s like spontaneous, collective meditation. We get into a trance state and ideas just flow. MC Cully notes, at its best, the music is an impossibly divided form of unity, with each participant as expressive as a soloist and supportive as a side-player. (MC Cully)

In an age of individually wrapped packets of 'entertainment', Means To The Ends is a refreshing deep dive into musical exploration without a hint of self indulgence. It's hip, it's a groove, and at the same time it's OUT