E Scott Lindner | Port Of Dreams


His self-titled debut stunned us with elegant style and clearly defined textures, his collaboration with Pablo Eluchans (VSUS) showed a deeper dive into electronic soundscapes, and now E Scott Lindner returns with his second full length album. Port Of Dreams heads in a new direction, best described as Orchestral Psych, complete with a string quartet, woodwinds, piano, bass, and drums. As an engineer and producer at his Pinch Recording studio, Lindner exerts full control over the sound, tying his diverse projects together sonically. On Port Of Dreams he managed to write, record, mix, and master in a mere three days, making this the most ambitious and challenging undertaking of his career (thus far). Appearances from Ropeadope and Infinity Gritty artists include Adam Ahuja, Andrew Gould (Nuf Said), and Pablo Eluchans. Port Of Dreams heads our way on September 21, with pre-order and advance streaming available in late August. 

With this sixth release on Adam Ahuja's Infinity Gritty label we can see a classic and ambitious brand in it's early formative state. Drop in here to get up to date.