Cienfuegos | Bestiario Sonoro


From Ropeadope Sur in Mexico City, curated by Todd Clouser, comes Cienfuegos; a post-modern quintet that mixes Jazz, Rock, and Contemporary music to create a unique mix that appeals to magical realism, Improvisation, and the Mexican ‘imaginary’.

Their new project, Bestiario Sonoro, is a conceptual album based in the pre-hispanic cosmovision of México and observation of today’s reality, encapsulating the past and present of Mexican heritage. The journey begins with tribute to pre-hispanic gods such as La Serpiente and El Jaguar and moves on to Latino fervor in El Alebrije. An exploration in binary conception of beauty (El Cenzontle) -  and destruction (El Perro de Agua). The journey of the Bestiario ends in El Sumidero, a piece that is the invocation of a traditional mexican song talking about peace and longing, going south to the heart of the mexican cosmovision.

Bestiario Sonoro is set for release on October 5, with pre-orders starting on September 14, 2018. Drop in here and follow Ropeadope Sur for notifications. .