Fima Ephron | Songs From The tree


Modern Icon Recordings is stepping it up this year, as label head Adrian Harpham curates a delicate balance of accessible yet eclectic sounds. Next up is Fima Ephron - one of the world’s most sought after bassists. His credits are extensive, from Natalie Merchant to Gil Scott Heron, from Chris Potter to Nate Smith. We first heard Fima on Nate Smith’s KINFOLK, and now we are proud to announce Fima’s third solo project - Songs From The Tree.

Here is Fima’s take on the music: ‘On February 5th 2016 a cold winters day in NYC I had the good fortune of assembling a supremely talented group of musicians in the studio (Chris Potter on Sax, Adam Rogers on Guitar, Nate Smith on Drums, Kevin Hays on Keys, and David Torn (Loops). By the time we had finished 10 hours later there were 10 pieces of music recorded. 10 hours to record a whole record is a small amount of time, so it necessitated moving quickly and committing to takes - most of the music was recorded in one take. I couldn’t be happier with the results.’

We agree.

Songs From The Tree hits on October 26, 2018 with Pre-orders beginning on September 28. Drop in here to stay on top of all things from Modern Icon Recordings.