2018 Countdown | Whose Hat Is This

Rad X Rad: Bright Dog Red reviews Whose Hat Is This?

From silence comes joyful madness. Seemingly from nothing, Whose Hat is This? creates intensely alluring barrages of sound, replete with soloing, wicked grooves, spontaneous riffs, and lyrical wordsmithing. This recording, marked by striking musicianship, deft ensemble play, and sharp wit, reflects the status of the individual members of Whose Hat is This? some of the most distinct voices in contemporary improvised rock and jazz. Whose Hat is This? features bassist Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, TTB), saxophonist Kebbi Williams (Outkast), and drummers JJ Johnson (John Mayer) and Tyler "Falcon" Greenwell (Col. Bruce Hampton). We couldn’t stop spinning this one, thinking we had indeed found kindred spirits in Whose Hat is This?.

(Joe Pignato, Bright Dog Red)