Unity is the Answer

As each day passes, we ask ourselves what we can and should do with this growing community of artists, activists, musical ambassadors to the world. How can we be of more service to them, and how can we connect them to more humans to lift everyone up in these challenging times? Last year, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, with The Centennial Trilogy, addressed the concept of race as a social construct, seeking to break down barriers by finding commonality in music. As we look over the landscape of Ropeadope past and present we find the persistent question of genre wherever we look, and it occurs to us that genre is quite the same; a construct designed to divide people into groups. While there have been great movements around genres in the past, the future is about breaking down these divisions and finding Unity with fellow humans.

And so the path forward is charted for us: everything we do will be about tearing down the concept of genre and bringing people to a common place based on the simple enjoyment and community found through music. From our release schedule, to our stories, to our live events over at 21Soul, we will weave the tale of that which brings us together, rather than that which divides us. In essence, to exist without walls, for they are simply a construct.