The Fire Brigade has arrived

We are proud to welcome the first Emmy winner to the Ropeadope family! Michael Whalen is a prolific composer, with hundreds of credits in TV, film, and commercial music. Michael is such a bundle of positive energy it is easy to se how standup comedy is also included in his credits. He brings fresh energy to the scene, with a broad base of musical understanding. From his DC roots with an obligatory love of Go-go, to his passion for Jazz fusion, funk and soul, Michael has finally completed the album he knew he was destined to make. And he brings the heat, with none other than Snarky Puppy’s Michael League on the bass and the great Vinnie Colaiuta on the kit. His new album is (sort of) self titled: Michael Whalen & The Fire Brigade hits on March 1st, with preorder starting…today! There is a time to sit back and marvel at the accomplished players, and there is a time to just get up and dance. This is both of those times.