2019 Countdown | Chapter 1 | Anu Sun

Producer, songwriter and engineer Anu Sun is well known for his work with Robert Glasper, from Black Radio 2 to the film Miles Ahead. On February 8, 2019, he released Sanguine Regum, which translates to Blood Of Kings:

‘I had a message to deliver, a perspective to convey, a sore I wanted to rip the scab off of. Our story is one of tenacity, a regal story that spans far beyond the slave experience and the target that’s been placed upon our foreheads.’

With tracks like Prey, Rise!, and Kaeptain AmeriKKKa, Anu Sun delivers a reckoning to the American public - this is a nation built on the backs of slaves, and the time is now for ALL of us to acknowledge not just this fact, but to recall and celebrate the Kings and Queens of African culture that we live among. By presenting these connected points, Anu Sun continues the process of correcting the historical narrative. All of this is intertwined with deliberate groove and production sensibilities that enhance the message and the music.

“Its progressive adult contemporary - the maturation of Hip-Hop and jazz. “If we are making honest Hip-Hop for our generation, then I think this is where we should be,