Women's History Month | Michaela!

Everyone arrives on this planet through the commitment and work of a Woman; that alone should keep us in a perpetual space of gratitude and yet there is so much more. Persistent love, grace, and power emanate from the women of the world, and for these reasons we take a moment to show our respect.

First up, a special thanks to Ropeadope team member Michaela DeBenedictis - her exuberant commitment to the music and the musicians is evident every day.

michaela copy.jpg

‘Music has always been my life. I started taking vocal lessons and singing in choirs when I was 8. When I was 10 I picked up my father's guitar and he began to teach me. I was most influenced by Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton.

I started gigging when I was 13 and stated my first band with my sister. We played all through high school whenever and wherever we could. We would go out to a gig on a school night and my parents would let us skip our first class the next morning because we had been out until 3am. We had been going to their gigs since we were around 8 so gigging was just part of how I grew up.

From there, while continuing to play and write music, I began teaching music lessons. When I moved to Philadelphia, I moved onto running music schools while managing and promoting local musicians while immersing myself in the scene here. All of that led me here to Ropeadope.’

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