Andy's Picks

In the great city of New York there’s a man (with a formidable beard) who knows music like few others. We are speaking of Andrew Neesley from Jesus On The Mainline; vocalist, trumpeter, producer, designer are all titles he can safely claim, and now we will add curator to that list. Andy’s Picks will be an ongoing collection of some of his favorite bands on the New York scene and beyond, and we cannot wait to see what he comes up with and share the music and the story with you.

This month we visit the first of Andy’s Picks, and it’s a banger. Funk, Soul, rock, jazz, and blues all intersect in the sounds of Snack Cat. Headed up by guitarist Aleksi Glick, this seven (or eight) piece band leads the way in a post-genre world without abandoning the foundation of straight up good songs. They’re not so much breaking boundaries as ignoring them completely, giving us a variety of sounds that are both familiar and intriguing. Unafraid of emphasis on guitar (both rhythm and lead), with a solid old-school horn punch here and there, Snack Cat declines to bury the vocals in the mix and the result is explosive. This is a band that embraces the fun, the power, the sheer joy of music. Now You Know. Tune in and Let It Go.