New Music | Jared Pauley

Early last year Middle Blue hit The Ropeadope Room for an intimate performance featuring Brad Farberman, Jeremy Danneman, Danny Tamberelli, Mike Clark, and Jared Pauley. The band was in great form, and the man behind the keys stood out (by not standing out); as Clark and Farberman charged forward Jared laid down the feel that felt like fuel to their fire. We are now thrilled to announce the arrival of Jared’s solo project, On Capitol Street, with a wide range of moods from samba and bossa nova to boogaloo and Latin jazz. Musicians featured on the project include Mike Clark, drummer Cengiz Baysal, percussionist Elizabeth Pupo-Walker, Duane Eubanks, saxophonist Adam Hutcheson, and vocalist Tamuz Nissim. On Capitol Street is a breezy stroll through classic styles with a seasoned guide. The great Bruce Hampton once said ‘If you’re not soloing and I can hear you, then you’re not doing it right’. Jared Pauley understands this, and that’s what makes On Capitol Street so compelling.