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Ropeadope presents the American Immigrant Capsule Collection

Independent label and collaborative community Ropeadope is reviving the American Immigrant Collection; powerful designs respecting the immigrants that built a nation. Screen printed on unisex cotton tees and hoodies, the American Immigrant Collection includes a message on the back of each garment supporting immigrant culture in the USA. 

The American Immigrant line was originally released in 2008 as a statement of pride in the diversity of our nation. Today the message is more needed than ever as nationalism is co-opting the real American message, and immigrants worldwide are facing horrendous obstacles to everyday life. Nationalist sentiment has turned to full on racist rhetoric and policies are gaining ground in so called ‘populist’ movements and governments. 

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The intent of the American Immigrant project is that people everywhere can show unity and provide a sense of pride and hope. 

‘In a time of great upheaval on planet earth, we stand strong in our conviction that we are one people, with a common destiny and the natural mandate to care for one another. They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn; now is the time to stand up and connect across borders, across race, across gender, and across nations. There is no wall that that can divide us, there is no law that can keep us apart. We are seeking unity, we are seeking compassion, we are seeking LOVE. Join us in making this simple statement; that we are all immigrants, and we are all proud to tell the world.’ (Louis Marks, Ropeadope)

The American Immigrant Collection will be available for pre-order on May 2 at, and in select stores in the summer of 2019. The line will also be available to activist and immigration support groups for fundraising purposes at half price. 

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