New Music | Casimir Liberski

Hailing from Brussels, Casimir Liberski formed his first trio at the age of thirteen; from his first live appearances his music has been described as moving, exhilarating, and atypical. Drawing inspiration from Jazz and Blues greats, peppered with his personal influences of grunge, alt rock, and video game music, Liberski proves those descriptions true. In 2006 he made his way to Berklee as the first European to receive the school’s Presidential scholarship. He sought guidance from the likes of Brad Mehldau, Craig Taborn, Vijay Iyer and more, but it was the privileged mentorship of Ornette Coleman that set him free to fully improvise. Since 2008 Liberski has consistently released music - with labels and independently - along with collaborations with Louis de Mieulles and compositions for film and television. And now, we have in our hands Casimir Liberski’s next recording - Cosmic Liberty - set for release on September 20, 2019. To pave the way, we’ve released the title track early. Drop in here for first listen, and head over to Casimir’s house for the whole story.