There and Then | 20 Years Of Ropeadope

That’s right, we are closing in on 20 years of this thing called Ropeadope and it is STILL a wild ride. Some people tell us to slow it down, but we’ve got our foot firmly on the gas to get the music to the people. With 35 more records due out this year, we must also do some deep diving into the catalog to shine light on the gems of the past. Each week on Spotify and Apple Music we’ll be putting up a playlist highlighting some key moments and artists, starting with the great Greg Hester.

Greg Hester has lived it: from touring with Robin Trower and Leon Russell to playing that local restaurant gig where the drunk guy waves a 20 and requests the most overplayed song ever. He has three records out on Ropeadope - two of which feature the members of James Brown’s last band (including Danny Ray!), and one a collection of ballads that tell the story of his life. Greg Hester captures that southern soul groove. his powerful and unique voice belting out the truth with full emotion and a wry sense of humor in the midst of the struggle called life. Greg is responsible for connecting Ropeadope with Col Bruce Hampton; for that and for the great music he brought us we are eternally grateful.

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