New Music | Bright Dog Red

Spontaneity of expression. We are all working on it when we tweet and post, and frankly we have a lot of work to do. This form of communication requires not only a true understanding of inner intent, but the ability to find our place within the community. Bright Dog Red is light years ahead; a core group of five individuals who literally create music on the spot, interacting with each other and listening intently to the audience at the same time. They are not only a progressive example of what musicians can do, they are a powerful model for humans to follow and learn harmony within the seeming discord of life. Their new album is titled How’s By You?, a deliberate statement of our common need to listen to others and make sure they are well. To view our role in these challenging times and find harmony with our fellow humans. How’s By You? arrives on September 13 - drop in here to begin the process of synchronizing with the world.