New music | Zhou Kroix

Infinity Gritty is a new kind of label; led by Adam Ahuja and his collaborative crew they are consistently creating new music and getting it right out to the public. Ego and celebrity are pushed aside as the crew experiments with different styles and forms of expression, like chefs in the kitchen. Next up on the roster is Zhou Kroix, tinkering with experimental reggae and mixing it up with Middle Eastern scales, Irish Hymns, a touch of Bowie/Zappa/Rundgren style, and topped off with R&B vocals. Produced by Adam Ahuja and E Scott Lindner from their world class (Pinch Recordings) studio in NY, the new Zhou Kroix album Count The Clocks reveals a mysterious narrative about a wandering girl. The project is founded by drummer Ry Pilla, and features Brad Walker and Yula Beeri, with Adam Ahuja and E Scott Lindner. Let the story unfold right here.