new music | carmen sandim

From piano lessons as a little girl in Brazil, to composing for her jazz septet in Denver, Carmen Sandim has found in music her lifetime adventure and purpose. Over the past few decades Carmen’s eclectic musical interests and aesthetics have drawn her in many directions: classical piano studies, jazz composition and performance, film scoring, and a long-lasting commitment to improvised music pedagogy. After a break following her debut album, Carmen returns with her second album, Play Doh, once again enlisting her mentor, Art Lande, as producer for a book of expressive and intricate compositions ranging from quartet to nonet. The album features Sandim on piano alongside top-tier players Shane Endsley (trumpet), Bruce Williamson (reeds), Alex Heitlinger (trombone), Khabu Doug Young (guitar), Bill McCrossen (bass) and Dru Heller (drums); as well as special guests Bill Kopper (acoustic guitar) and Raoul Rossiter (percussion).

Play Doh is scheduled to be released on October 25th, with pre-orders starting this Friday.