Based in New York and Austin Texas, Progger united in a Brooklyn studio this summer for their fourth studio album. A frenetic session of serious hustle and creative collaboration brought fourth Dystopia, an epic journey into a land that only Progger can inhabit. Brian Donohoe's compositions are well suited for two lead guitars, and having both crews in one place put four guitars in the room. What do we call that? Progger heaven. The beats are funky, the chords are smooth, with just the right touch of swirling psychedelic Prog-rock laid on top. Oh, and some extra love from Nate Werth and Justin Stanton. Get ready to dig in on this one.


release date: march 9, 2018

release date: april 22, 2016

Progger's third full-length release, Scattering, represents a number of exciting departures for the band, including the incorporation of new personnel, production techniques, and a recording process that involved two cities 1,700 miles apart, Austin and Brooklyn. Progger's regular personnel were joined by some of New York's finest young musicians, including Nate Werth (percussion) and Justin Stanton (keyboards) of Snarky Puppy, to explore larger textures and a hugely diverse sound palette for the new music.

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About Progger

Progger is an unusual collection of gifted musicians who were brought together by the simple desire to create new powerful, beautiful, engaging, modern music. Originating in Austin, Texas in 2011, Progger is led by saxophonist, keyboardist, and composer Brian Donohoe and incorporates some of the most in-demand young touring and session musicians from the Texas and New York City music scenes. With compelling compositions and energetic live performances, Progger has steadily developed a devoted following through national tours, studio releases, and viral videos. Progger's personnel includes contributors to such music luminaries as Erykah Badu, Snarky Puppy, Col. Bruce Hampton, and Chrisette Michele, among numerous others. Building on inspiration from artists as diverse as Herbie Hancock, Soundgarden, D'Angelo, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Maurice Ravel, the group has synthesized a unique and fearless original sound that cohesively combines exciting influences while creating a uniquely personal atmosphere.