Centuries Of Heat by Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step


Centuries Of Heat by Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step


released June 10, 2016

Angelo Moore - Vocals, Horns, Theremin
Jim Greer - Drum Programming, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Kris Jensen - Guitar, Vocals

All songs written by Angelo Moore and the Brand New Step except
Built For Love: Music by Nathan Sloan, AM & BNS
Decompression, Centuries Of Heat: Music by SYZYGY, AM & BNS
Feel The Energy: Ivan Scruby, AM & BNS
Killaweed: Song by Bill Bottrell, Roger Fritz

Produced and Engineered by Rondo Brothers and Kris Jensen

Recorded in Berkley, CA. at Ninth Street Opus
Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Coast Studios
Photos by Christine Zona
Design by Kris Jensen Lisa Bruner and Brandon Arnovick


Stanton Moore - Drums (Feel The Energy, Booty Bang, Lady)
Ben Ellman - Baritone Sax (Killaweed)
Robert Mercurio - Bass (Booty Bang, Lady)
Claude Coleman - Drums (Gratitude)
Tim Carter - Drums/Guitar (Castaway, Centuries Of Heat)
Ralph Carney - Baritone Sax (Gratitude, Castaway)
Casual - Vocals (Booty Bang)
Butterscotch - Vocals (Booty Bang)
Boots Riley - Vocals (Booty Bang)
Syzygy - Beatbox (Centuries of Heat, Decompression, Killaweed)
Brandon Arnovick - Drum Programming/Effects/Bird Whistle (Booty Bang, Will To Create)
Eugene Song - Drum Programming/Bass (Killaweed)
Flecher Fleudujon - Trumpet (Booty Bang, Built For Love, Killaweed)
Rick McKay - Guitar (Karma Cashback, Feel the Energy) Electric Sitar (Decompression) Bass (Gratitude, Castaway)
Ryan Noble - Bass (Centuries of Heat)
Jr. Toots - Vocals (Feel the Energy)
James DePrato - Guitar (Gratitude, Lady)
John Howland - Slide Guitar (Built For Love)
Calvin Turnbull - Vocals/Guitar (Killaweed)
Kat Glover - Vocals (Brand New Step)
Pat Kelly - Vocals (Built For Love)
Bob Menacho - Bass (Decompression, Brand New Step)
Jesse Nolan - Vocals (Karma Cashback)
Pam Delgado - Vocals (Karma Cashback)


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With a solid groove throughout and the Angelo Moore required pair of party tunes to keep it jumping, Centuries Of Heat tackles topics that are on everybody’s mind, from Black Lives Matter (Built For Love) to global terrorism (Centuries of Heat) to marijuana politics (Killaweed) to his own personal struggles through the ever-changing and unsteady music business (Karma Cashback). Decompression and the Booty Bang, the aforementioned party tunes, feature guest appearances from Butterscotch, Casual, Boots Riley, and Syzygy. Perhaps the most telling song on the record is Gratitude - a beautiful, complex layered horn and vocal arrangement that offers a heartfelt thanks to the people that have brought Angelo this far.