release date: august 16, 2019


About YNZ

Wayan Zoey has been making music for as long as he can remember. Born in the same region of New Jersey as his later-in-life guitar heroes Trey Anastasio and Scott Metzger, he was exposed to music at an early age, making his way from guitar to piano to violin, which he played so poorly that it resulted in his first electric guitar (as an incentive to stop trying to make the violin happen). Growing up, he was lucky enough to attend a very arts-oriented public high school (classmates included pianist Erik Deutsch and Game Of Thrones EP Bryan Cogman), but a challenging environment at home led him to Portland, OR, home of guitarist Dan Balmer, the most significant influence on his existence as a musician. Having learned everything from the Dorian mode to how to make sure to get paid at the end of the gig, Wayan made his way back east to New York City, which didn't work out so well, so he ran off to Glasgow, Scotland for a while, where he found himself playing drums as much as 6 nights a week.

As lovely as it was to be making a living behind the drumkit, the call of NYC was too strong, so Wayan made his way back in time to put in a vote for Barack Obama, and help form ZXL (on stage at Camp Bisco no less), a livetronica trio that was a staple on the Brooklyn rave scene in the late 2000's. From there he added stints in DC-based afrobeat collective The Funk Ark, off-off-Broadway shows like Showgirls! The Musical!, and his still-current chairs in theatrical jazz band Russ Kaplan +7 and space-rock jamband Escaper. Looking down the barrel at his pending 40th birthday, he decided it was finally time to make a record of his own music played mostly by him. It wasn't originally envisioned as a guitar album, but after reconnecting with Balmer in 2017 for further instruction, he felt comfortable enough with the guitar again to base a whole album around it. So, if you don't like it, blame Balmer.

Wayan continues to perform with Russ Kaplan +7 and Escaper, while also being in charge of taking care of all the bands that pass through Brooklyn Bowl. Double Negative will be the 4th album released by Ropeadope to feature his playing.