Featured Artist | Blaque Dynamite

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"Mike Mitchell is truly one of the great young gifted ones of our time. I have watched him grow from the age of 17 to now being 22. I believe that every young musician should aspire to be like him musically. He is not just all raw talent but something much greater." -- Stanley Clarke

"His music makes you open the Heavens and sets pillows for your emotions." -- Erykah Badu

"One of the most daring and forward sounding debuts I've heard come out of the culture. A riveting and original album that showcases a deeply hip and original production style, beats and vocals. IT ALL FEELS FRESH!! A fearless debut and absolute must have for anyone looking for what's next!" -- Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah

We agree. The new album from Blaque Dynamite - Killing Bugs - is out worldwide today. Drop in HERE and take a listen.