In a random encounter, unlikely collaborators Tim Emmerick and Andrew Neesley met in New York and soon began writing music together, locking in a unique partnership that seems to complete each writer. With the traditional song ‘Jesus On The Mainline’ popping up repeatedly in the mystical computer algorithm on Andrew’s feed, the band name was chosen and now permanently represents purposeful connection with the source, regardless of differences in background. Jesus On The Mainline begins with this duo, but expands to a fifteen piece group of New York’s finest young musicians. '"The Morning Bell is Jesus On The Mainline’s debut full-length record and is our first opportunity to truly fly our flag as songwriters and record makers. As a band, we have been fortunate to receive great support for our live shows, and the stage has been our home. But we also love albums that stand on their own merit, and that is what we strove for with The Morning Bell. The pool of musical influences on this album is massive and includes everything from gospel traditionals to John Coltrane to the Alabama Shakes to Abbey Road. '

Dig into the beautiful collection of songs known as The Morning Bell.