Modern Icon Recordings

Drummer Adrian Harpham first landed at Ropeadope with the release of ATLAS by Light Blue Movers, and now he's gearing up to bring us MODERN ICON RECORDINGS. Adrian works in the studio with the likes of Stephanie McKay, Monty Alexander, and many more, and he's bringing his vision for substantial, timeless, and iconic sound to the world. The journey begins with a beautiful album from Jack Snyder - AKA Leyeux - ready for your ears on June 9th. In Adrian's words:

'The future of music? It’s fair game and we have to really bring it, not just because of the state of transition in the music industry but because art is now reacting to the times: it has no choice. I think now is one of the most exciting times I've witnessed in my musical life. Just watch, incredible sounds are emerging from this frenetic air we now find ourselves in.’ 

Drop in right here to learn more about Modern Icon Recordings, and stay tuned for a taste of Leyeux.