2018 Countdown | Paul Beaubrun

Ayibobo. Blessings. Raised in Haiti in the family of the great Boukman Eksperyans, Paul Beaubrun is a shining light and an ambassador of positive energy to the world. His 2018 release is titled Ayibobo, and on this holiday we are extremely grateful for the man and his music. Having fled his native land, Paul established himself in New York and began his musical career. Along the path he has performed and collaborated with many, including Ms. Lauryn Hill, Jackson Browne, Arcade Fire, Brad Paisley, and Sheryl Crow. You get the picture, this is a man who connects with people through music and love, transcending the concept of style or genre. Ayibobo brings Paul’s Haitian Mizik Rasin roots and his love of the blues together in a fresh and cohesive way. Life on Earth is filled with struggle, yet gratitude for what we do have, and for each other, is the way. Ayibobo.