2018 Countdown | Beekman

Formed in 2012 at the 5th Estate sessions in Brooklyn, NYC, Beekman is a collective endeavor by saxophonist Kyle Nasser, pianist Yago Vazguez, bassist Pablo Menares, and drummer Rodrigo Recabarren. The quartet couples eclectic original compositions – steeped in jazz, rock, Latin, and classical – with dynamic group interplay into a sound that is international while remaining squarely in the realm of modern jazz. With members from three different continents, Beekman brings a plethora of influences to bear on its compositional and improvisational aesthetics.

This year Kyle Nasser and Beekman followed up their Ropeadope debut with a live record from their performances in San Francisco. There’s always talk of chops in Jazz, and of course they are there, but the capture of beekman’s live performance transcends critical thinking and just finds a comfortable place of musical enjoyment. Grab a beverage of your choice, relax, and just drift.