2018 Countdown | Tosin Aribisala

These are the times of experimentation beyond genre; not necessarily in a deliberate fashion but simply because these are times of crossing cultures and established tradition while simultaneously paying tribute. Tosin Aribisala hails from Nigeria, and the music Tony Allen, King Sunny Ade, and Fela Kuti are as much in his blood as the music of Art Blakey, Bob Marley, and Sting. His 2018 release Afrika Rising draws on his full experience of bearing witness to different cultures and finding a place in both. Currently in Los Angeles, Tosin spent time in Washington DC and New York as he takes the differences in the world and seeks to bring us Unity and hope - "my music is a mixture of African rhythmic textures and some elements of jazz and blues, with lyrics of hope, love and human realities.". Dig in.