New Music | Andrew FInn Magill


Steeped in Irish music from the beginning, Andrew Finn Magill has balanced on the line between fiddler and violinist, with his first two records garnering critical and popular acclaim. What next? Move to Brazil of course! Fall in love with Forro, Samba, and Bossa Nova; play with the best and earn your chops all over again. Finn has done just that and brings us Canta Violino -  a deep dive into music discovery across culture and genre. The beauty of this music is that we get to experience the new-ness and excitement of Finn's journey as we listen. Canta Violino hits on April 6, 2018

It’s nice to see fresh, young musicians carrying on the traditions of Brazilian music. Finn Magill displays a love and authenticity that can fool you into thinking he is from Brazil. His style is playful and light, yet soulful and passionate. Congratulations!
— Airto Moreira