Ill Doots

We love Philly, and we love humans that work for the greater good in a collaborative way. Ill Doots are just that; they share a common place, culture, and similar ideology, and they transcend the term collective in an open source, dynamic community of artists, educators, and musicians. They are from many places, assembled in the great city of Philadelphia, with a shared emphasis on the value of the process rather than the product. With an open flow like this, it is natural that the output takes varied forms. From theater to education to live and recorded music. And so it is that Ill Doots bring their new self-titled album to the world via Ropeadope on July 27th. Check out the first revealed track featuring Ron Draper and Anwar Marshall right here

“The movement is about more than the group. It is about the community. It is about living life to the fullest, the way it should be lived, whatever that may entail. Musicians, artists and other creative people are encouraged to join in the lifestyle. “ILL” stands for “I Love Living.” (Jump Magazine)