2018 Countdown | Chuck Lichtenberger

Groundbreaking Ropeadope artist Jonathan Scales hipped us to this one. After 15 years with the indie pop band Stephaniesid, Chuck Lichtenberger hit the studio to record his solo album, an opus of personal discovery dealing with his challenges of trauma and mental health. Classically trained on piano, Chuck composes elaborate pieces, aided by Jonathan and a solid cast of players; MonoNeon, Jay White, Shariq Tucker, Zack Page and more. Together they lay down a dazzling foundation for Chuck’s deep lyrical material, which is punctuated with quirky humor and a solid touch of playfulness and hope. When the music first hits it might be easy to dismiss this one as a self indulgent novelty, but soon one realizes the depth and common nature of Chuck’s struggle. In this way the album becomes a healing force; something for each of us to play when life gets to be too much.