She Is Crown

Mysterious. Joyful. Nomadic. Empowered. These are just a few of the words that come to mind as we introduce the new member of the Ropeadope family known as C R O W N . Musical artist and songwriter C R O W N examines the crisis of womxn in todays world: how they are pulled between the potential ahead and the echoes of an under-liberated past (and present). Her songs tell the story of her own discoveries and strive to illuminate the nuanced challenges womxn face in every day experience. The music has a subaquatic feel yet undeniable connection to R&B and Soul.

‘It's a sultry neo-soul affair, mottled with red-lit trip-hop synths and distant beats – there's also a vibrant '90s streak in her voice, recalling the slick tones of R&B icons... While there are similarities to Stateside acts like Frank Ocean, she carves a niche all her own by implementing the very British stylings of Lamb, Portishead and Massive Attack.’ - The 405

C R O W N has two projects ready for release at Ropeadope - Epicene begins in preorder this Friday with release date of May 31 - Unlearning hits on July 28 with early listen and preorder on June 28. Tune in to 21Soul on May 27th for an in depth discussion of the artist and her mission.