Grüt | Side Room Stories

If you've had the wonderful chance to spin Col. Bruce Hampton's Live At The Vista Room, you've heard the Colonel shout out 'Wytanis' in the midst of the mayhem. That's Daniel Wytanis on the trombone in one of the finest live performances of our time. And now we are pleased to introduce Grüt, the experimental band comprised of Daniel Wytanis, Patrick Arthur on guitar, Brandon Boone on bass, Morgan Guerin on drums, and Avys Burroughs on sax. Young guns all around, but with musical sensibilities of seasoned cats. Together they blend the predetermined with the spontaneous, and fearlessness with absolute risk. Their debut album, Side Room Stories, is out now, and they've signed on with the Ropeadope family to lead up to their next release in 2019. Join us in welcoming Grüt and watch their musical development. Start right here on the Twitter, and dig in here for details. 

Grüt Live.jpg